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Go Nok Logo in Yellow

"Dare to be yourself, you are good enough the way you are"

Go´nok, which is Norwegian for "Good Enough", is a social entrepreneurial project. Go´nok's goal is to get children, youths, and even adults to focus on the feeling of being Good Enough the way you are.

Below you will find more information about the Go´nok organization's important work, and how you can contribute.

CHildren and youth

Go´nok works with preventive mental health care by hosting Workshops for children and young people in Norwegian Schools.  


Go´nok works to create a good working environment within companies, and for companies to take corporate social responsibility by helping with the preventive work for children and young people.

SOcial media

Go´nok works purposefully in Social Media platforms, where they are a counterweight that focuses on everyone's right to be who they are.


Support the Go´Nok organizations important work by purchasing a Good Enough pendant, designed and handcrafted by Ellen Kvam.

Buy a necklace with meaning, either for yourself or for someone who deserves to feel Good Enough. This pendant has the simple and timeless look Ellen Kvam is known for, with an elegant Go´Nok tag. 

By purchasing a Go´Nok necklace, you support the Go´Nok organization's workshops and efforts with children and youths. 


Thank you for caring!

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