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Candy Stripes

We at Ellen Kvam Norwegian Design hold several issues close to the heart. Two important topics are mental health and climate change.

We want to support organizations that work on these issues in a creative and constructive way. Therefore we have designed and handcrafted custom glass jewellery for two organizations, where each sale will directly benefit their causes.   


Below, you can read more about the charities we support, and how you can contribute to their important work.

School Hallway
GoNok Logo Yellow

Go´nok, which is Norwegian for "Good Enough", is a social entrepreneurial project. Go´nok's goal is to get children, youths, and even adults to focus on the feeling of being Good Enough the way you are.

«Dare to be yourself, you're good enough the way you are»

Polar Bears in Bamsebu, Svalbard

Hearts In The Ice is a 9-month overwintering project in the High Arctic of Svalbard, Norway, started by Hilde Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby. They will be the first women to over-winter in Svalbard without men!

The project will serve as a platform for research, global dialogue and engagement concerning the changes we are experiencing in the Polar Regions, and what we all, individually, can do about it.

Hearts In The Ice Logo
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