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Northern Lights Necklace Spring Colours


There is no reason not to love spring! As Spring 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere officially starts March 20th, we thought it would be fitting with a tiny spring update.


Here are our top 5 reasons why we love spring:

Lying in the Grass

1: Spring is perhaps the most optimistic season of the year 

It's no secret sunlight has an uplifting benefit to our general mood. It increases the brains release of the hormone serotonin, and once spring is here our seasonal affective disorder (commonly known as Winter Depression) is finally cured. As we feel happier, more motivated, and energetic, spring is often the season we use to make exciting plans for the summer. Whether we plan a summer vacation, a new collection, or an inspirational trip, there is always something to look forward to. 

Purple Tulips

2: The nature comes back to life

We can finally feel the warmth of the sun again! The days become brighter and the sun doesn't start to set until after the workday is over. The first flowers start to blossom and the streets become more colorful. The migrating birds come back north, bringing their beautiful singing voices with them. At the same time the cities become increasingly lively. More and more people spend their time outdoors, going to cafes, parks, and shops. It's like we all wake up from a long, relaxing, hibernation!


3: Spring is the best of both worlds


In Norway, the mountains are still covered with snow in the early spring. This means you can get a tan while skiing! You can be out in the snow all day without ever feeling cold, and that in itself is priceless. Norwegians might be Vikings, but we prefer not to get second-degree frostbite while doing Viking activities. Therefore, spring is the perfect mix of snowy mountains and warm weather.  

Camping in Mountains

4: Most of the summers "first's" happen in spring

The summer's first swim in the ocean, outdoor drink, tanning session, day at the beach, barbecue, camping trip... Most of these summer "first's" actually happen during the spring. As it's been months since the last time we did any of these typical summer activities, we tend to appreciate them more. These happy spring moments makes the summer seem longer, which is exclusively a good thing! 

Andrea Kvam wearing the Urban Embers Necklace by Ellen Kvam Norwegian Design

5: Spring brings new inspirations  

During the spring, we enjoy checking out the latest spring fashion trends and let our creative juices flow until a new collection appears in front of us on the drawing board. We can easily spend hours and hours working on our new designs, and its hard to venture outside without being hit in the face with even more inspiration. The nature coming alive in the spring has been a big inspiration to several of our collections, such as The Rose Collection and The Frozen Embers Collection. This spring, we decided to let the liveliness of the city inspire us, which led to our new Urban Embers Collection. As spring has just begun, we are excited to see where the rest of this season will take us!

Elegant Necklace made with 925 Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals

There are many more reasons to love the spring season. Do you agree with our top choices? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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